Christmas Liqueur Glasses Charity Shop Find!

So I have started wandering around the large department stores looking for Christmas inspiration and I stumbled across these set of 6 Liqueur glasses in the wonderful John Lewis and fell instantly in love:

In love with these glasses from John Lewis

At £28.00 that’s a little much for me to be spending at this time of year on myself but I decided I had to have something like this for the festive season. I do love shopping for glassware in Charity shops so went for a hunt and look what I found…..

I found 1 glass tray @ £1.99


5 Liqueur Glasses with black line in stem 5 for £1.99

Then the Holy Grail… 5 Coloured Stem Glasses

And again magic price of 5 glasses for £1.99 that’s less than 40p per glass!! BARGAIN and Beautiful!!

So I ended up with 10 glasses and 1 fab tray for less than £6.00  – Love Charity Shopping!!!!