Christmas Cake Time

Well it is November 25th, one month till Christmas…… And that means it Christmas Cake Making Day!

I know people say that making a Christmas Cake is expensive as you can buy them quite cheap but I just love making the cake. Me and my Husband take some time out from whatever we are doing and spend a few hours together making our Christmas Cake – this is the third time we have made one, and its the only time before December 10th that I am allowed to play Christmas Music in the house, but I do have fairy lights in the kitchen all the time.







Ingredients List

230g butter

200g Self Raising Flour

150g Plain Flour

120g Glacier Cherry’s

1 Kilo Mixed Fruit

230g Sugar

6 Eggs

2 Tbls Brandy

1 Tsp Mixed Spice

1 Tsp Vanilla Essence

Pinch of Salt

2 Tblsp Treacle

120g Ground Almonds

I use as many different types of dried fruit as I can including figs and prunes, I also include sherry and Contriau to make my cake more boozy 🙂 I also soak my fruit for a few days before using them in the cake.


Beat butter and sugar together

Beat eggs together in separate bowl

Add some of the eggs to the sugar mix and combine

Add some of the flour to the sugar mix and combine

Add more eggs and flour until it is all mixed in

add the treacle

Add the fruit and mix in

Cook on Gas Mark 2 for 1 hour

Cook on Gas mark 1 for 2-3 hours or until skewer comes out clean.

Remember to line the cake tin with baking parchment

If there is any leftover fruit out in fridge to eat with Ice Cream later

AND the most important thing to remember when making Christmas Cake is to drink Pedro Ximenez sherry while making it as it tastes just like Christmas Cake Yummy!!

I can’t wait to try my cake- I wil lbe feeding with sherry and Contriau


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